Visit a pearl farm to see how pearls are cultivated


We made a brief visit here while en route to An Thoi the day that we went on the snorkeling excursion. Apparently all of the “day” excursions that go by the door stop here for a quick look. It’s open to the public if you want to go on your own. There is no charge to access and look around..


There are two farming operations that are available to see…both are South of Duong Dong along the coastal highway on the way to An Thoi

It was kind of cool to see how pearls are “cultivated” in a process that’s totally “man made”. I had not ever seen this process happen before and so I thought it was kind of a cool thing to do. It’s possible to watch…there are many workstations set up in a fairly large room where people are busy implanting a particular type of pearl oyster with the materials needed for the growth of the pearl. You see people loading the mesh panels and preparing them for deposit into the ocean where they are suspended by rope.

In case you don’t know…the process is to implant a pearl oyster with a small piece of “Mississippi Pig Toe Mussel”. A graft of tissue from a donor oyster is attached to the implant shell and inserted via a surgical cut into the host oyster shell..
The pearl oyster shells are then placed in a meshed panel and suspended in the ocean where they will grow for upwards of two years.

There is a large display area where you can purchase pearls set into different settings, necklaces, rings, etc. etc.

I didn’t price them…but I believe that they’re not that cheap if you’re interested in purchasing Phu Quoc pearls.

Check this out if you’ve never seen pearl cultivation before.