Saavas Arrives in Phu Quoc

Boat trip
Boat trip

Monk checked out of the hotel and did a spot of exploring around Doung Dong town before catching a taxi the few kilometres down to Long Beach, where he’d booked the Mai House Hotel for himself and Saavas.

Saavas was due to arrive around 15:00 and, in a rare moment of unselfishness, Monk chose the bungalow back from the beach leaving the sea-view bungalow for Saavas.

Monk heard the sound of a taxi coming down the dirt track and shortly afterwards caught a glimpse of someone, very much resembling a famous Iranian comedian, strolling down through the gardens with a pile of newspapers tucked under his arm looking for all the world as though he was strolling down to the Park Tavern on a Sunday morning for a couple of pints while he pored over the Sunday rags. He responded to Monk’s greeting of ‘Dr Saavas I presume’ and, after checking in, they discussed his journey over a couple of beers before doing a reckie of the local area.

After dinner they enjoyed a bottle of wine he’d brought with him outside Saavas’ bungalow to the sound of fishing boats chugging on the water and mosquitoes buzzing just a little bit closer. After an 18-hour journey Saavas did very well to last out until after 11.

On their reckie Saavas had seen a massage shack on the beach and had booked it for 12 the next day. Did the masseuse really know what she was taking on!!