Paradise in Phu Quoc


We spent the night in Rach Gia, a town on the edge of the sea, and the only way you can get to Phu Quoc , as the ferry leaves early in the morning. This was the most challenging when it came to our communication with locals in English. Not even our guest house manager spoke it, and trying to get a ride to the bus station to find out schedules for our return took a long time! They do not get many tourists here, only backpackers passing thru to the island.

I have been wanting to go to this island for several years. I have heard that it is undiscovered, and quiet, and want to go before everyone else finds out about it! Its Vietnam’s largest island, and in the gulf of Thailand , and really in Cambodia, but Vietnam claimed ownership many years ago. 90% of the island is forest and jungle, and the rest is surrounded by turquoise water and white sand beaches. This is a very popular time to come so I booked in advance to a small resort with basic bungalow up north, a very remote area with only a few guest houses.

We arrived by ferry and met very cool travelers from all over the world…Russia, France, Germany …but no Americans. Most people think Sara and I are Canadians, since very few Americans travel this far, and get so little time off to do it. We took a local bus into town and met a really cool German named Daniel traveling on his own for 3 months. Sara wanted to rent a motorbike since our bungalow was very remote and there is little transportation and its a great way to explore the island. Sara has a Vespa at home in Chicago, so she became the driver, and we rented an automatic motorbike. Helmets are required here ( so stop worrying mom…) and our new friend Daniel wanted to join us and didn’t have a place to stay and loved the motorbike idea so he thought he would join us in our journey and see if our place had an extra bungalow for him. So the three of us rode up the center of the island, myself on the back of Sara’s bike and my backpack on Daniel’s bike to help our balance. We got lost and ended up on a small trail in the center on the island, and the locals knew we were lost and one had us follow her to the main road. It is so great getting lost, you get to see the most amazing thing along your way! Local life, and not another person anywhere! Just forest and trees.

We found our Bungalows on this amazing private beach up the coast. It is owned by a German Couple and they run it 5 months of the  year and then head back to Germany for the rest

Daniel’s English is very good, he lived in Ireland for some time to learn it. He was able to have great conversations with our owner Marianne, and found that not only did she not have a room for him , but the island was fully booked. So Daniel is staying with us, and he wants to sleep on the beach at night, since we only have one bed in our room, which he did last night, but we three might move to another bungalow tomorrow night that is bigger.

This island is amazing! Only dirt roads and deserted beaches in the north, and a very cute local town. The water is warm and clear and we are just so happy and content here, I  am starting to have thoughts of never leaving. But I wont even think about that time right now…we are off to discover more of the island and find our own deserted beach.