Cheap Low Standards!


My partner & I booked in advance for 7 day stay at Tropicana Resort for Christmas 2009. To our disgust, we found the bedroom smells damp and rusty, there is only 1 tissue toilet paper left for us, and there are days, room service forgets to leave us a toilet tissue roll & we have to go to them to ask!

Every morning, we get disturbed by repetitive noise from a living creature above our bungalow outside. The bed is unstable & is very bad for our backs. Bed feels old, and inside under the sheets is really dirty with browny stains all over. A sign of old rustic bed from god knows what years! They don’t clean thoroughly, and dont supply soaps to wash which is standard.

Breakfast leaves us hungry, as we only get to chose 1 small light dish covered by the resort, & we had to pay more money to get fed! $40 a night is a rip off considering all the negatives we have found here! and we could not leave, cos then there is no refund available by Tropicana Resort.

After speaking to the guard outside, I found out the owner is a rich german elderly lady who owns many resorts in Phu Quoc! after meeting her, her impression is unfriendly, unwelcoming towards me. I sensed she judged me for being with a white man. It just goes to show, how unpleasant she is to look down on others and how money tight greedy she is to keep her resort to such low standards.

The only positive thing about this resort is the staffs who are paid to be friendly and the nature seaviews.

We would never come back here again, after our stay we went to blue lagoon hotel nearby and it was $25 a night much cheaper, but more importantly they supply soaps and more than 1 tissue extra roll every time. It is much cleaner.

Phu – UK
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