A little nice place

Ganh Dau Beach
Ganh Dau Beach

Day 1 in Phu Quoc. It rained. Not Saigonesque type rain, but rain that occured throughout the day in small doses, occuring just enough to keep the skies a dark pastel blue. I arrived early, on the wrong side of 7:00 AM, and hopped on the back of a bike in search for a hotel. I landed at Hiep Thanh Hotel and bartered the price from 20 USD to 15, including AC, hot water, and breakfast. I ended up renting a bike from the hotel as well, but the bartering proved more difficult. I settled on gaining no ground, but I got free rides to and from the airport, which I guess saves me about 20,000 vnd. Better than nothing. It was great how I got the bike as well.Sao-Beach-Phu-Quoc

The guy who drove me from the airport handed me the keys and just started walking toward town. Must have a spare.
A 2.5 hour attempted nap was next. I did not succeed, but meerly laid in bed wondering how I was going to drink that night. I hopped on the bike and through the rain set off for lunch and some sightseeing. Fresh squids were served and lived up to their fresh reputation. Thinking maybe just a long ride up the side of the island, rain haltered those plans and I was forced to see the pearl farm, which was nothing more than a building with some photos, and a gentleman behind a glass case that would rival any middle of the mall jewerly stand. I then headed some some sort of museum type place that I won’t waste your time describing.

The real scene stealer from the afternoon was the fish sauce factory, at least I think it was the fish sauce factory. They definitly made fish sauce there as both my eyes and nose will verify, via the huge cauldrens of fish sauce and the strong smell of fermenting fish. I only don’t think it was the place, because it didin’t seem like an establishment people visited: there was no one else there except two dudes playing cards in the front, and a man who opened the gate (he didn’t work there, he was just passing by as I asked in vietnamese for the fish sauce place). Anwyay, I walked through on my own and snapped a photo or two.

As it began to clear, I decided to check out the beach adjacent to my hotel. I skipped swimming and sun bathing for a massage on the beach that was both cheap and of good quality.

Definitly pleased with that one. After some more r&r, I headed to dinner and chose squid again as I watched the sunset. On the way home, I got a water from a family selling products on the side of the street. That was all good, but her son hopped on the back of my bike. She told me to give him a ride. He was very young and was not wearing a helmet. I did because I froze….it all worked out, and I think the kid enjoyed himself. I tried to go fast.

I went out for drinks that night, but not even sure why. There was no one out. I had gone to three bars, and at each bar, I was the lone patron. Somewhere in the middle of the three, ok, more accurately after the second bar, I headed back to get my bike. But, my helmet was no where to be found, so I snagged someone else’s. I spent the time at the last bar playing a “where is my helmet” version of clue with the bartender. I’m sure he was amused.