Family trip in Phu Quoc

Family on a tropical beach vacation
Family on a tropical beach vacation

Phu Quoc Island is still in very early stages of developing family style entertainment, however there’s still plenty to do on the island.  Some of the top things to do with your family while visiting the island:

Take a tour

There are many tours to choose from now days, all of which are family friendly, and allow you to explore the island in ease, whether its a spot of night fishing, cruising and snorkelling around the An Thoi Archipelago or booking your own private tour or taxi and discovering a remote beach, there’s a good range of tours to keep you busy.

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Resort in Phu Quoc
Resort in Phu Quoc

Visit National Park

Did you know that national park covers more than half the island? There are some family friendly walking tracks in the national park that provide lovely cool walking conditions, or just drive through the National Park for a look at the beauty of this natural environment.

Karaoke for the whole family

Some of the Resorts on the island offer walk in Karaoke rooms that seat around a dozen people that you can hire by the hour. Prices are very reasonable, with drinks and food also available on order at most places.

This is a fantastic experience for the whole family and will leave you laughing for hours. We have sung at the Karaoke rooms at Saigon Phu Quoc Resort, which is located in the building to the left after you enter the gate, and found these to be terrific. Sasco blue also have 2 private rooms available as well.


Visit local markets

For an interesting walk, visit Duong Dong Market and take in the amazing sights of all the fruit and vegetation seller to the row upon row of seafood and fish for sale. For more information:

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Night market in Duong Dong

There’s a night market along Vo Thi Sau (just off Tran Hung Dao Street) as you approach Dinh Cau Temple, on most nights. The evenings are very popular here as many people come to watch the sunset near the temple, having a drink by the water and enjoying the evening markets.


There’s a couple of places in Duong Dong that now have billiards, including some cafes, all welcome tourists, otherwise try the Eden Restaurant located on Long Beach which has a couple of tables for use in their reasonably large restaurant and bar area, which is also family friendly.

Visit waterfalls

Phu Quoc island has a number of interesting waterfalls that can be visited on foot. These can be visited via a tour or just hire a taxi to take you to one of the waterfalls near Duong Dong, these are no more than 8kms away.

Cooking class

Saigon Phu Quoc resort offers Vietnamese cooking classes for the whole family, which is definitely a worthwhile experience you can take home with you, given the variety of tasty and healthily Vietnamese dishes on offer. It’s only a matter of time before more places offer cooking classes, and you’ll want to know how to use fish sauce when you get home to flavor all those dishes.