An Thoi Phu Quoc


Pictures of An Thoi in Phu Quoc. Took them while on a bike ride from Duong Dong. Did not have my DSLR with me at that time. Had to use my humble hand phone instead. Apologize for the poor image quality.

 An Thoi, at the southern tip of Phu Quoc Island, is a good 20km away from Duong Dong. Although you will 100% for sure be getting red dusk in your face, I encourage you to rent a bike in Phu Quoc to enjoy the coastal ride to An Thoi. Of course, you can hire a taxi to bring you there but nothing beats the smell of sea breeze and the freedom to stop whenever you want.

Starting from Duong Dong, you’ll first pass by Long Beach which is where most of the resorts in Phu Quoc congregate. Then, it’s down to a long and beautiful stretch of virgin beach dotted sparingly with pearl farms and bamboo huts where petrol, water, beer and coffee are for sale. Following this is a 5km ride passing by rural villages and houses. Eventually, it’s a small but busy market just before reaching An Thoi Harbor. Here, you can park your bike and charter a boat to bring you to the 15 An Thoi Islands for sightseeing, fishing, swimming and snorkeling.