Streams in Phu Quoc Isand


Phu Quoc is not only famous for its beautiful beaches, it also hides a very special thing that is that streams deep in the primeval forests . If you love nature, adventurous, you should not ignore the discovery of this stream. Let’s join journey of discovery Tranh – Da Ban – Da Ngon stream.

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What to explore at Tranh stream

Suoi Tranh is far around 10km to the southeast of Duong Dong town, Phu Quoc Island. Tranh stream originates from Ham Ninh Mountain and is the combination of many small water trickles through rocks, trees, waterfalls from upstream, creating a beautiful natural picturesque beauty. It is so called Suoi Tranh (stream of picture).

From the foot of the stream, visitors follow the trail about 300 meters ahead upstream to explore magnificent nature. About 30 minute walk, you will see a high waterfall and a lake is formed at the foot of the waterfall. You can take stream bathing in this 1-1.5meter depth lake. Rest your backs against the cliff and enjoy massage of water flow, all fatigue and sorrow of life seems to be disappeared and returns you relaxing. Additionally, Suoi Tranh has many mysterious mystical caves, such as Doi Cave located on a 200m height mountain. This cave is 50 meters deep and has many beautiful strange stalactites…

The sea is rough, the winds are strong and you may find yourself hanging out in your cheap bungalow more than you thought. But there are good things about Phu Quoc’s rainy season besides the low season prices. Tranh Stream (Suoi Tranh) is full of water, creating impressive rapids and waterfalls. The journey to the falls is a tough one, but a good way to stretch your legs, so here is a quick guide if you find yourself on Phu Quoc between May and October.

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How to get to Tranh stream

To get to Tranh Stream from Duong Dong, get a taxi or rent a motorbike and head south east on DT47. Stay on the road for roughly five kilometres until you reach what looks like an entrance to Jurassic Park. It is a large, ivy covered gate. Head back to the small carport filled with motorbikes. Pay the entrance fee of 5,000 dong and for parking and up the path you go.

The stone path is well maintained and follows alongside the stream. There are several stops along the way on the trail. Immediately upon your start there are some food and souvenir stands. Here you can grab a quick snack of corn on the cob, potatoes or deep fried bananas for your trip. Many Vietnamese families pack their own meal and eat it along the way, so be prepared to dodge the occasional family picnic. About half way up the path, a 15-minute walk, there is a seven-metre high fall that is a little hard to see from the trail. There is a small path down an embankment that provides a good view.

The final stop on the trail is a large waterfall and the pool it spills into where the adventurous can take a quick dip and go under the falls. The water is still pretty warm here and if you stay toward the path side of the waterfall, fairly gentle.

A small tip before you go:

Tranh Stream is only worth a visit from May to October/November — outside of rainy season it is dry. This, of course, won’t stop the man at the door from collecting the entrance and parking fee from the unwitting. But if you find yourself in Phu Quoc in the low season, Tranh Stream may be one of your highlights.

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What to explore at Da Ban Stream?

Da Ban Stream (Table Rock Stream) is an eco-tourist destination for those who love to explore the natural beauty, this is a completely tourist attraction difference in Phu Quoc Island. The stream originates from Ham Ninh, the highest and longest mountain among the 99 peaks on Phu Quoc. From a distance, tourists can hear the water cascading but the closer they come, the stronger they hear the sounds.

This is a pleasant place for a swim, to cool down in the numerous rock pools and enjoy the surrounding vegetation, though we recommend you bring some mosquito repellent if you are staying around for a picnic. Suoi Da Ban is named after the many table like rock formations that make up what is actually a white water stream tumbling across large and interesting granite boulders.

There are many rock pools along it’s length with beautiful wild ginseng and orchids growing along it’s banks. On Duong Dong route 1km north, turning right along a bendy road, tourists will arrive at Da Ban stream – a wonderful natural site. The weather is as cool as that of Dalat and it is very quiet because there are not a lot of people here.

About 15 minutes walk to the stream. Here in front of you appear to be large boulders, flat as the ground, the sound of water pouring down the real heard rumbling grandeur. The scene is a far cry from the gentle mellow Stream Painting.

Road to Suoi Da Ban went further and harder than Spring Painting. Therefore, Suoi Da Ban tourists less, primarily due to the local population or the people you know go play lead. Guests traveling in groups is not much here in Spring Painting.

Go to Table Rock Stream with large flat rocks suitable camping by travelers, presentation of food, drinking water. You can shower under cool water village green under thundering waterfalls very interesting. Tourists often stop at the flat rock to have fun so few people take the time to wade to see the highest waterfall in here, is somewhat risky. Coming to the table to buy rain excoriation you must be very careful not to fall cleverly slipped very dangerous because the water here is very deep and very powerful book.

How to get to Da Ban Stream?

From Duong Dong Town center, tourists are advised to follow Nguyen Trung Truc Street towards Bai Thom beach and turn right to Duong To Town. Once on this dirt red road, you will see a bridge that says Suoi Da Ban spray painted on it, follow this rocky road. Then after 1 or 2 km, you will see a road on your left (also red dirt road) with an entrance sign that says Suoi Da Ban. Then, they can ask local people to reach Da Ban Stream Tourist Site to which admission costs VND5,000. Tourists have to cross a suspension bridge over a small pond then turn right and go straight to get to the stream. Those who don’t dare to walk on the bridge can take a wooden one which is some steps away.

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What to explore at Da Ngon Stream?

With the system of seven waterfalls, Da Ngon stream is the suitable place for those who love to explore and adventure. It always has water all the year around.

The Da Ngon Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall located in the north eastern section of the Phu Quoc National Park. The Da Ngon stream, which leads to the Da Ngon Waterfall, consists of several smaller waterfalls which are all connected to the Ham Ninh Mountain Range and eventually drains into Duong Dong Lake. The scenery here is a nature lovers dream as the area is lush and teeming with plant and animal life.

The lake at the foot waterfall as spacious Jacuzzi pools that nature treats travellers who conquer the beautiful waterfalls. Here is the place where travellers can explore the vegetation abundant forest of Phu Quoc with orchids, the precious wood.

How to get to Da Ngon Stream?

To arrive at Da Ngon stream, you have two options: go across the lake by boat or walk around the lake for at least 3.5 km

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