Royal Well -Throne


Setting out at An Thoi commune, the 2km inshore trail with flowers, fruits, weeds and tree shadows forgets relieves tourists tiredness. The clear blue water, in a while, turns up; white sandy beach edges its way around the foot of the mountain like embracing resting fishing-boat near the edge of the forest. On the background of rolling mountains and sea and winding fogs and clouds, a small temple presents ahead on steep large rocks. The vestige of a majestic pink rock chair backing to the sea and facing the vast field was called the Throne.

It is said to be what the Nguyen King left after many times of running away from Tay Son force.  Shoeprints in a quandary are still seen on stones.

Without water for his force, Nguyen Anh stamped his foot and pointed down the earth with a magic sword. Then, a fresh water current erupted. It is now called Royal Well or Magic Well.