The reasons why you should travel Phu Quoc one time

Phu Quoc island

Fringed with white-sand beaches and with large tracts still cloaked in dense, tropical jungle, Phu Quoc rapidly morphed from a sleepy island backwater to a must-visit beach escape for Western expats and sun-seeking tourists. Beyond the resorts lining Long Beach, it’s still largely undeveloped, so there’s ample room for exploration and escaping. Dive the reefs, kayak in the bays, eat up the back-road miles on a motorbike, or just live the life of a lotus eater by lounging on the beach, indulging in a massage and dining on fresh seafood.

Here are some reasons why you should travel Phu Quoc one time.

1. Phu Quoc people very kind and hospitable. When you come here, you can assure that it does not have tight guillotine like somewhere else. Eventhough in the morning, if you go buy something but you bargain unsuccessful, unsatisfied and you leave without buying, they do not say anything because there is not dual pricing.

Local people is friendly
Local people is friendly

2. There is no fear of theft, you can rent a motorbike without a deposit (just tell them your name and hotel room).

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3. When you ask for directions or restaurants, people will show you enthusiastically without fear of fraud. They of course will not ask you anything but you should remember the name of restaurant not address or number because Phu Quoc people are unfamiliar to mention to this.

4. The beautiful and unspoiled beaches: Phu Quoc has 130km sea route so it is obvious that the sand of the beach is very white and the water is blue, especially star beach (Bai Sao).

5. Surely you can not believe that this island has flora and vast primeval forests like that, if you love to explore so going to the forests, the mountains, the rivers, the streams to feel it.

6. Local specialties, rich cultural cuisine: With abundant fishery resources you will be spoiled to enjoy the seafood here. The typical specialties of Phu Quoc: Sim Wine, Fish Sauce, Herring salad, pepper farms…

Fresh seafood
Fresh seafood

7. Fully infrastructure system reaching the standard: Surely few islands of Vietnam have fully international airport, large-capacity vessel system and national grid.

Phu Quoc is a place worthy to live and to visit, just come here one time to feel. When traveling here, you should be aware of environmental sanitation so Phu Quoc is always an attractive destination for all travelers from near and far.