Phu Quoc Exploring Notepaper


After only 50 minute flying from Ho Chi Minh City, you will set foot on the tropical paradise of Vietnam and the world: Phu Quoc Island. Phu Quoc Island attractions aren’t just limited to its stunning beaches, but extends to historical sites, Buddhist shrines, and fishing villages that have stood the test of time. Despite the rise of high-end beach resorts, modern facilities, and international dining venues, visitors can still enjoy plenty of sightseeing opportunities during their holiday.

>> Tips for Backpackers on Phu Quoc Island


Rory’s Beach Bar

Phu Quoc’s liveliest and most fun beach bar draws a steady torrent of travellers and island residents down the path to its seaside perch. Expect bonfires on the beach, great happy hour specials and staff happy to chat.

Coco Bar

With chairs and music spilling on to the pavement, Coco is a great place for a roadside bevvy and chat with the mix of travelling folk, Gallic wayfarers, local drinkers and passing pool sharks.

Lee’s Safari Bar

The welcoming English owner of this otherwise rather uneventful bar is a useful source of local info on all things Phu Quoc. The food also get good press and it’s a relaxed spot to watch a football game.

Le Bar

With its gorgeous tiled floor, art deco furniture and colonial charms, this highly elegant and well-poised upstairs lounge-bar at La Veranda is a superb spot for a terrace sundowner.

Rory’s Beach Bar via Youtube

Phu Quoc Weather

The location of Phu Quoc in the Gulf of Thailand enables it to be embraced by the ocean and to have a temperate weather. The climate of this Emerald Island is monsoonal and sub-equatorial tropical with two distinct seasons: the dry season from November to May and the rainy season from June to October. During the dry season, Phu Quoc Island is affected by the northeast seasonal wind which has an average speed of 3.2m/s. Sometimes, it can even reach the speed from 20 to 24m/s. The average humidity level is about 78%. On the other hand, during the rainy season, PhuQuoc Island experiences west-southwest seasonal windwhich has an average speed of 4.5 m/s.

The humidity level is also higher at that time: from 85% to 90%. The average annual temperature is about 27oC while the highest temperature ever recorded is 35oC in April and May, the two hottest months of the year in Phu Quoc. The precipitation is pretty high: 414mm/ month which leads to an average annual rainfall of 2879mm. In the northern mountains, a precipitation of 4000m has been recorded recently. Sometimes, the rain can last for 20 consecutive days.


Phu Quoc Airport (PQC)

This is a civil airport on Duong Dong Town in the center of Phu Quoc Island. The airbase can only receive smaller aircrafts such as Fokker 70 or ATR 72, but it is currently improved for bigger planes to land in the foreseeable future. As of June 2011, Duong Dong Airport only has flights operated by Vietnam Airlines and Air Mekong. Air Mekong maintains direct flights  from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to Phu Quoc, while Vietnam Airlines offers route from Can Tho to the same destination as well. The fares for these flights are different, depending on the route and economy of business class. You can either contact these airlines or the ticket agencies for reservation.

From Phu Quoc airport to island center

Duong Dong Airport is only 2km from Duong Dong Town, so you can easily get to the town by various means of transportation. There are cabs or motorbikes available outside of the airport.

Phu quoc International Airport via Fox Travels

Getting Around Phu Quoc

Boat: Boat is a good means of transportation to traveling around Phu Quoc Islands for sight-seeing and especially, going fishing.
Bus: For budget travelers, it might be advisable to use public transit-bus to traveling around. There are three bus routes in Phu Quoc: no. 27,28,29.
Bus 27: Cua Can-Ganh Day-Rach Vem-Rach Tram
Bus 28: An Thoi-Ham Ninh
Bus 29:Duong Dong- Northern Island
Car rental: Car rental is offered at most travel agencies. They have many package options for you to choose from. Depending upon the number of seats, the price may vary flexibily. The package is an economical and convenient way enabling visitors more flexibility in planning their itinerary for their own preferences.
Cycling Cycling rental is available at the hotel. Contact with the receptionist for more detailed information. Price is often calculated on hourly basis.
Motorbike Motorbike rental is often offered at most hotel. You just need to consult with the receptionist to rent a motorbike. Price should not exceed $6-$8 per day depending upon the kind of motorbike (gas excluded)
Taxi Taxi might be the most convenient way for people who want to get to the exact place they are heading to. The taxi fare is about 60-70 cents per kilometer. Sasco and Mai Linh Taxi are two reliable carrier.
Walking It might be a good idea to do some walking around Duong Dong Market and enjoy the daily life of local people here. Just stop by a food court or a shop that you find interesting so much easier than traveling by a car or a motorbike!

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