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Diadem Resort is set in the Long Beach district in Duong Dong, 300m from Coi Nguon Museum. The beach is a convenient 290 m walk from the property.

If you want to find serene place that you can conveniently discover Phu Quoc island, Sandy Phu Quoc hotel is your best bet.

In front of you, the sky and the sea intermingle with countless twinkle stars, the stars of sky and fishing boat where man and nature come together.

Eden Resort Phu Quoc, an oasis of beauty located on the western shoreline of Phu Quoc Island, is 20 minutes from the airport.

Sealight hotel
Sea Light Hotel is Located in the entertainment & cuisine center of Rach Gia City, only 2 hours to Phu Quoc Island or Ha Tien

Duong Dong hotel
Based on this film's concept, our resort is a truly unique experience where peace meets tranquility in a world of warm tropical sunshine

Hong Nam hotel
Hong Nam Hotel is located in the center of Rach Gia Town, near Rach Gia market.

Hai Van hotel
Hai Van hotel is located in the centre of Ha Tien Town. On the main street Lam Son, about 50 metres from the Ha Tien market.

Haong Gia hotel
Hoang Gia 2 Hotel is conveniently located in downtown Rach Gia, with close proximity to the fabulous fruits and gifts shops,

Palace hotel
Palace hotel is located in the center of Rach Gia Town, near Rach Gia market.


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